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Produces a flag icon attached to a wikilinked article. The name of the country is the prefix of the wikilink, but the display text is just the name of the country by itself.

For example, {{flaglink|Brazil|at the 2007 Pan American Games}} has the same effect as {{flagdeco|Brazil}} [[Brazil at the 2007 Pan American Games|Brazil]], both producing:  Brazil.

  • nation — Use the name of the country/region as per the set of templates in Category:Country data templates or an "alias" (such as a three-letter country code) as per the set of templates in Category:Country data redirects
  • link — Specifies the suffix to append to the country's name to form the wikilink
  • variant (optional) — Specifies an alternate (historical) flag to use. This parameter is documented by the appropriate country data template. This label can be specified as a named parameter, or as the third positional parameter.
  • size (optional) — Can be used to change the flag icon size (use sparingly!)
  • name (optional) — Can be used to change the wikilink display text


  • {{flaglink|Netherlands|in the Eurovision Song Contest}} Netherlands
  • {{flaglink|ENG|at the 2006 Commonwealth Games}} England
  • {{flaglink|Canada|at the 1930 British Empire Games|1921}} Canada
  • {{flaglink|Canada|variant=1921|at the 1930 British Empire Games}} Canada

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Output style → Country name Country Name (code) Athlete (country code) Athlete
Country Name
Country code
Olympic Games {{FlagIOC}} {{FlagIOCteam}} {{FlagIOCathlete}} {{FlagIOCmedalist}} {{FlagIOCshort}}
Other games {{FlagIOC2}} {{FlagIOC2team}} {{FlagIOC2athlete}} {{FlagIOC2medalist}} {{FlagIOC2short}}
Paralympic Games {{FlagIPC}} {{FlagIPCteam}} {{FlagIPCathlete}} {{FlagIPCmedalist}} {{FlagIPCshort}}
Pan American {{FlagPASO}} {{FlagPASOteam}} {{FlagPASOathlete}} {{FlagPASOmedalist}}
Parapan American {{FlagPPASO}}
Commonwealth {{FlagCGF}} {{FlagCGFteam}} {{FlagCGFathlete}} {{FlagCGFmedalist}}
Southeast Asian {{FlagSEAGF}} {{FlagSEAGFteam}} {{FlagSEAGFathlete}} {{FlagSEAGFmedalist}}
World Games {{FlagIWGA}}
Central American and Caribbean Games {{FlagCAC}}
Asian Games {{FlagOCA}}
European Games {{FlagEOC}}
African Games {{FlagAFOC}}
Mediterranean Games {{FlagCIJM}}
Summer Universiade {{FlagFISU}}
"Nation at Championships"-style {{Flaglinkteam}}
Generic {{Flag}} {{Flagteam}} {{Flagathlete}} {{Flagmedalist}}
Generic (variant) {{Flaglink}} {{Flaglinkathlete}} {{Flaglinkmedalist}}