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This template is used to request edits to a semi-protected article on that article's talk page.


Make a new section on the article talk page with a title like "Edit request" and place the code

{{Edit semi-protected}}

accompanied by a clear and specific description of the requested change.

Providing the new sentences or code in your request to be copied directly into the page will expedite the process.

Recommended action upon resolution[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

Once a request is handled, it's best to leave the {{Edit semi-protected}} tag as an un-transcluded tag by changing its code to

{{Tld|Edit semi-protected}}

This will remove the message box from the talk page and also remove the talk page from the category, while still leaving a record of the request.

You may use {{ESp}} when responding to requests for edits to semiprotected pages. For example, {{ESp|?}} is convenient for responding to insufficiently specific requests.


MediaWiki:Protectedpagetext has a "Submit an edit request" link which for semi-protected pages uses

to preload text into the edit request's editbox, and to show instructions.

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