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The template {{Edit section}} (which uses a <div>) and its optional paramter version {{Edit section|type=span}} (which uses a <span> for cases where a <div> would be illegal markup, but is otherwise identical) allows the creation of a right-hand-side "[edit]" link where one otherwise would not exist.

The templates take a single parameter, the number of the section to edit, as this will appear in the edit URL. If unspecified, it defaults to 0. The principal use of this is to add an edit link to the lead section (section 0) of article with long leads. It cannot be used to add edit links to arbitrary blocks, as they will not have section numbers.

See also[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

  • {{Edit}} (plain edit link)
  • {{Ed}} (navbar style edit link)
  • {{Ed right}} (navbar style edit link aligned to right of page)
  • {{Edit section}} (edit link aligned to right of page)

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