Notes on use

This template may be used to externally link to eMedicine articles.

Please note that as eMedicine has been incorporated more into Medscape's main site, there has been a change in its internal article structuring. The old URL links, and thus old usage of this template, still work but searching the eMedicine website site now will of course give us the direct web page link. Backwards compatability of this template has been preserved and it still uses 2 obligatory parameters and 2 optional parameters - for the old use of this template see the "Past usage" section of this documentation.

Current usage

It requires at least two parameters, firstly the now fixed eMedicine "article" space, and then a second article-number. It may optionally have a third parameter giving alternative text of the disease name, and finally an optional fourth parameter to a section name (an alternative to the default "-overview" suffix).

As an example for the Emergency Medicine page for Asthma:

Hence: {{EMedicine|article|806890}}
Gives: article/806890 at eMedicine
Whilst {{EMedicine|article|806890|Asthma}}
Gives: Asthma at eMedicine
Section {{EMedicine|article|806890|Asthma|treatment}}
Gives: Asthma~treatment at eMedicine

eMedicine URLs

This template configures the url for: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/<<article number>>-<<section|"overview">>

Past usage

This template still works for the previous structure using required two parameters of medical <<field>> and <<topic number>>, the optional third parameter giving <<alternative text>> of the disease name, and the optional fourth parameter to a <<section>> name.

Hence: {{EMedicine|emerg|43}}
Gives: emerg/43 at eMedicine
Whilst {{EMedicine|emerg|43|Asthma}}
Gives: Asthma at eMedicine
Section {{EMedicine|emerg|43|Asthma|Medication}}
Gives: Asthma~Medication at eMedicine

eMedicine URLs

Where the first parameter is not set to "article", this template backwards configures the url for: http://www.emedicine.com/<<field>>/topic<<topic number>>.htm and optional section of #section~<<section>>