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{{DEFAULTSORT:<sort key>}} is a magic word used to apply a sort key to many categories at once. It can be overridden for individual categories applied to a specific page by manually applying a sort key.

It is not necessary to use DEFAULTSORT at all if the article or page should be alphabetized according to its title (true for most articles).

Understanding DEFAULTSORT[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

It is possible to set a sort key which is different from the default sort key: {{PAGENAME}}, by using the {{DEFAULTSORT}} magic word; for example:
{{DEFAULTSORT:new key}}
In the case of multiple default sort key tags, the last DEFAULTSORT on the final rendering of a page applies for all categories, regardless of the position of the category tags. This also means that a DEFAULTSORT tag included from a template is not effective if another DEFAULTSORT tag occurs later on the page, even if the later DEFAULTSORT tag is also "hidden" (included by another template).


When using {{DEFAULTSORT}}, (to modify the default sort key), the magic word should be placed at the left margin of a new line, immediately above the line which begins the list of categories. For example, A typical article; titled: Forename Surname—could look like:

==Final section==
Final line of content in "final section".


{{Last metadata template
{{DEFAULTSORT:Surname, Forename}}
[[Category:Forename Surname| ]]

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