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This template will add a link to the articles within UTC. Specifically it will also categorize articles into their corresponding time zone category. (ex.: Category:UTC+05.30 or Category:UTC-5). In turn these will need to be added to Category:Time zones. This template is a partial self-reference because it uses an equation to calculate the date and time. However, this date and time is easily verifiable and so is part of the encyclopedic content.

If you wish for the reference to appear this template should be substituted onto pages it appears on, or else a red error message will appear.

This template must be substituted. Replace {{Currenttime}} with {{subst:Currenttime}}.

The reference states: Calculated using Wikimedia Foundation Inc. and UTC+05.30. For more information see WP:CCT. To update time purge page cache.


|place=    place name, e.g. India default value is {{PAGENAME}}
|offset=   time offset, in hours, e.g. +05.30 or 0 or -14 or +7.5 default value is 0
|dst=      system used for observing Daylight saving time, can be Asia or North America or none default value is none

See also: Wikipedia:WikiProject Current Local City Time