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ଛାଞ୍ଚ:Chembox/doc/deprecations/parameter list

This parameter list:

Incomplete list

ATC and Drugbank: Parameters |ATC= and |Drugbank= can appear in only one section each:

in |Section1 = {{Chembox Identifiers |Drugbank = ...}}
in |Section2 = {{Chembox Pharamacology |ATCCode = ...}}

Preferred alternative parameters
  • Names: PIN_hidden, IUPACName_hidden (not used)
  • Identifiers: EC-numberEC_number
  • Identifiers: EINECS deprecated, can be used, same as EC_number
  • Identifiers: CASNosCASNoOther
All eight similar: CASNos, ChEMBLs, ChemSpiderIDs, ChEbIs, InChIs, PubChems, SMILESs, UNIIs
  • PubChem_Ref not used
  • EINECSCASNO removed
  • Explosive: ExplosiveVDetonationV
  • Pharma: ATCCode → split over ATCCode_prefix ATCCode_suffix (3 + 4 characters)
  • Pharma: PregCatPregnancy_category
  • Pharma: PregCat_AU, PregCat_USPregnancy_category_AU, Pregnancy_category_US
  • Pharma: legal_XXLegal_XX uppercase L
  • Hazards: ExternalMSDSExternalSDS
  • Hazards: NSFA_RefNSFA_ref
  • Hazards: EUIndex removed from template
  • Hazards: NFPA-ONFPA-S (NFPA-704 Special, not Other)
  • Thermodynamics: DeltaHfDeltaHForm
  • Thermodynamics: DeltaGfDeltaGfree
  • Thermodynamics: DeltaHcDeltaHCombust
  • Properties: MassRoundMolarMassRound (into regular name pattern)
  • Properties: ExactMass not available in templatediscussed 2012
  • Related function: OtherFunctn use OtherFunction
  • Related function: Function use OtherFunction_label
  • Related function: OtherCpds use OtherCompounds
  • Parameters deprecated earlier: Section, Section10, ImageStyleN