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By {{Chembox}} and {{Infobox drug}} settings, a CheMoBot checks articles for parameter validation. The bot then adds and sets templates like {{cascite}} to the article.

A template like {{cascite}} is added and set by CheMoBot automatically after certain edits. Depending on the earlier data checks, the template will be marked "correct" or "changed" (i.e., to be checked). 'changed' articles are categorized for maintenance.

For example, when parameter |CASNo= is changed in the article, the bot sets |CASNo_Ref={{cascite|changed|??}} initially. See

Bot-set templates in {{Chembox}} and {{Drugbox}}
template Verified fields (parameter) Category 'changed' default
{{cascite}} |CASNo=
changed CAS number CAS YesY YesY
{{ebicite}} |ChEBI=, |ChEMBL= changed EBI identifier EBI YesY YesY
{{chemspidercite}} |ChemSpiderID= changed ChemSpider identifier ChemSpider YesY YesY
{{drugbankcite}} |DrugBank= changed DrugBank identifier DrugBank YesY YesY
{{keggcite}} |KEGG= changed KEGG identifier KEGG YesY YesY
{{stdinchicite}} |StdInChI=, |StdInChIKey=,
|InChIKey=, |InChI=
changed InChI identifier ChemSpider YesY YesY
{{fdacite}} |UNII= changed FDA identifier FDA YesY YesY
{{chemboximage}} |ImageFile[L/R]= changed Chembox image file (none) Red XN N/A
{{drugboximage}} not existing, not used (none) N/A Red XN

See also: {{Cascite}} documentation