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ଛାଞ୍ଚ:Check date/doc


This template is used to check whether the given parameter is a month. It is useful for templates such as {{Multiple issues}} that sort articles into cleanup categories by month.

If the parameter is a month/date/time formatted in the way recognized by PHP's strtotime(), this template returns the month in the format Month Year, where Month is written in full and Year is written in 4 digits.

If the parameter is not a month/date/time, the empty string is returned.

Input Output
{{Check date|April 2003}} ଅପ୍ରେଲ ୨୦୦୩
{{Check date|2003 April}} ଅପ୍ରେଲ ୨୦୦୩
{{Check date|Apr 2003}} ଅପ୍ରେଲ ୨୦୦୩
{{Check date|April 3 2003}} ଅପ୍ରେଲ ୨୦୦୩
{{Check date|April 03}} ଅପ୍ରେଲ ୨୦୨୪ (thinks it is April 3 of the current year)
{{Check date|Garbage^&*text}}