ଛାଞ୍ଚ:Category articles containing non-English-language text/doc



To allow rapid set up of and consistency between the categories.


Do not "subst:" (substitute).

None of the parameters are essential, but it would seem the language name is always going to be there

{{Category articles containing non-English-language text|example=some example text|script=name of script|Language name|ISO 693-1 code|ISO 693-2 code|ISO 693-3 code}}

e.g., for the Category:Articles containing French-language text

{{Category articles containing non-English-language text|example=La plume de ma tante|French|fr|fre|fra}}

very optional named parameter

  • script =

This should be a standalone expression like foo script Ogham runes bar characters as it completes a parenthetical (in script). In many cases it will be implicit or rolled into the language parameter.


The template expects to be called with the ISO 639-1 -2 and -3 codes in order. Since not all languages have ISO 639 1 or 2 it uses parameter 4 for default ISO code for the example.