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6-dot type[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

  • 6dot type (64 options) is default.
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Group 6
Group 7
Error Error using {{Braille cell}}: input "9" not supported.

8-dot type[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

  • 8-dot type (256 options)
Group 1 ⠁ (braille pattern dots-1)⠃ (braille pattern dots-12)⠉ (braille pattern dots-14)⠙ (braille pattern dots-145)⠑ (braille pattern dots-15)⠋ (braille pattern dots-124)⠛ (braille pattern dots-1245)⠓ (braille pattern dots-125)⠊ (braille pattern dots-24)⠚ (braille pattern dots-245) Group 1 + cell 7 ⡁ (braille pattern dots-17)⡃ (braille pattern dots-127)⡉ (braille pattern dots-147)⡙ (braille pattern dots-1457)⡑ (braille pattern dots-157)⡋ (braille pattern dots-1247)⡛ (braille pattern dots-12457)⡓ (braille pattern dots-1257)⡊ (braille pattern dots-247)⡚ (braille pattern dots-2457)
Group 1 + cell 8 ⢁ (braille pattern dots-18)⢃ (braille pattern dots-128)⢉ (braille pattern dots-148)⢙ (braille pattern dots-1458)⢑ (braille pattern dots-158)⢋ (braille pattern dots-1248)⢛ (braille pattern dots-12458)⢓ (braille pattern dots-1258)⢊ (braille pattern dots-248)⢚ (braille pattern dots-2458) Group 1 + cells 7&8 ⣁ (braille pattern dots-178)⣃ (braille pattern dots-1278)⣉ (braille pattern dots-1478)⣙ (braille pattern dots-14578)⣑ (braille pattern dots-1578)⣋ (braille pattern dots-12478)⣛ (braille pattern dots-124578)⣓ (braille pattern dots-12578)⣊ (braille pattern dots-2478)⣚ (braille pattern dots-24578)
Group 2 ⠅ (braille pattern dots-13)⠇ (braille pattern dots-123)⠍ (braille pattern dots-134)⠝ (braille pattern dots-1345)⠕ (braille pattern dots-135)⠏ (braille pattern dots-1234)⠟ (braille pattern dots-12345)⠗ (braille pattern dots-1235)⠎ (braille pattern dots-234)⠞ (braille pattern dots-2345) Group 2 + cell 7 ⡅ (braille pattern dots-137)⡇ (braille pattern dots-1237)⡍ (braille pattern dots-1347)⡝ (braille pattern dots-13457)⡕ (braille pattern dots-1357)⡏ (braille pattern dots-12347)⡟ (braille pattern dots-123457)⡗ (braille pattern dots-12357)⡎ (braille pattern dots-2347)⡞ (braille pattern dots-23457)
Group 2 + cell 8 ⢅ (braille pattern dots-138)⢇ (braille pattern dots-1238)⢍ (braille pattern dots-1348)⢝ (braille pattern dots-13458)⢕ (braille pattern dots-1358)⢏ (braille pattern dots-12348)⢟ (braille pattern dots-123458)⢗ (braille pattern dots-12358)⢎ (braille pattern dots-2348)⢞ (braille pattern dots-23458) Group 2 + cells 7&8 ⣅ (braille pattern dots-1378)⣇ (braille pattern dots-12378)⣍ (braille pattern dots-13478)⣝ (braille pattern dots-134578)⣕ (braille pattern dots-13578)⣏ (braille pattern dots-123478)⣟ (braille pattern dots-1234578)⣗ (braille pattern dots-123578)⣎ (braille pattern dots-23478)⣞ (braille pattern dots-234578)
Group 3 ⠥ (braille pattern dots-136)⠧ (braille pattern dots-1236)⠭ (braille pattern dots-1346)⠽ (braille pattern dots-13456)⠵ (braille pattern dots-1356)⠯ (braille pattern dots-12346)⠿ (braille pattern dots-123456)⠷ (braille pattern dots-12356)⠮ (braille pattern dots-2346)⠾ (braille pattern dots-23456) Group 3 + cell 7 ⡥ (braille pattern dots-1367)⡧ (braille pattern dots-12367)⡭ (braille pattern dots-13467)⡽ (braille pattern dots-134567)⡵ (braille pattern dots-13567)⡯ (braille pattern dots-123467)⡿ (braille pattern dots-1234567)⡷ (braille pattern dots-123567)⡮ (braille pattern dots-23467)⡾ (braille pattern dots-234567)
Group 3 + cell 8 ⢥ (braille pattern dots-1368)⢧ (braille pattern dots-12368)⢭ (braille pattern dots-13468)⢽ (braille pattern dots-134568)⢵ (braille pattern dots-13568)⢯ (braille pattern dots-123468)⢿ (braille pattern dots-1234568)⢷ (braille pattern dots-123568)⢮ (braille pattern dots-23468)⢾ (braille pattern dots-234568) Group 3 + cells 7&8 ⣥ (braille pattern dots-13678)⣧ (braille pattern dots-123678)⣭ (braille pattern dots-134678)⣽ (braille pattern dots-1345678)⣵ (braille pattern dots-135678)⣯ (braille pattern dots-1234678)⣿ (braille pattern dots-12345678)⣷ (braille pattern dots-1235678)⣮ (braille pattern dots-234678)⣾ (braille pattern dots-2345678)
Group 4 ⠡ (braille pattern dots-16)⠣ (braille pattern dots-126)⠩ (braille pattern dots-146)⠹ (braille pattern dots-1456)⠱ (braille pattern dots-156)⠫ (braille pattern dots-1246)⠻ (braille pattern dots-12456)⠳ (braille pattern dots-1256)⠪ (braille pattern dots-246)⠺ (braille pattern dots-2456) Group 4 + cell 7 ⡡ (braille pattern dots-167)⡣ (braille pattern dots-1267)⡩ (braille pattern dots-1467)⡹ (braille pattern dots-14567)⡱ (braille pattern dots-1567)⡫ (braille pattern dots-12467)⡻ (braille pattern dots-124567)⡳ (braille pattern dots-12567)⡪ (braille pattern dots-2467)⡺ (braille pattern dots-24567)
Group 4 + cell 8 ⢡ (braille pattern dots-168)⢣ (braille pattern dots-1268)⢩ (braille pattern dots-1468)⢹ (braille pattern dots-14568)⢱ (braille pattern dots-1568)⢫ (braille pattern dots-12468)⢻ (braille pattern dots-124568)⢳ (braille pattern dots-12568)⢪ (braille pattern dots-2468)⢺ (braille pattern dots-24568) Group 4 + cells 7&8 ⣡ (braille pattern dots-1678)⣣ (braille pattern dots-12678)⣩ (braille pattern dots-14678)⣹ (braille pattern dots-145678)⣱ (braille pattern dots-15678)⣫ (braille pattern dots-124678)⣻ (braille pattern dots-1245678)⣳ (braille pattern dots-125678)⣪ (braille pattern dots-24678)⣺ (braille pattern dots-245678)
Group 5 ⠂ (braille pattern dots-2)⠆ (braille pattern dots-23)⠒ (braille pattern dots-25)⠲ (braille pattern dots-256)⠢ (braille pattern dots-26)⠖ (braille pattern dots-235)⠶ (braille pattern dots-2356)⠦ (braille pattern dots-236)⠔ (braille pattern dots-35)⠴ (braille pattern dots-356) Group 5 + cell 7 ⡂ (braille pattern dots-27)⡆ (braille pattern dots-237)⡒ (braille pattern dots-257)⡲ (braille pattern dots-2567)⡢ (braille pattern dots-267)⡖ (braille pattern dots-2357)⡶ (braille pattern dots-23567)⡦ (braille pattern dots-2367)⡔ (braille pattern dots-357)⡴ (braille pattern dots-3567)
Group 5 + cell 8 ⢂ (braille pattern dots-28)⢆ (braille pattern dots-238)⢒ (braille pattern dots-258)⢲ (braille pattern dots-2568)⢢ (braille pattern dots-268)⢖ (braille pattern dots-2358)⢶ (braille pattern dots-23568)⢦ (braille pattern dots-2368)⢔ (braille pattern dots-358)⢴ (braille pattern dots-3568) Group 5 + cells 7&8 ⣂ (braille pattern dots-278)⣆ (braille pattern dots-2378)⣒ (braille pattern dots-2578)⣲ (braille pattern dots-25678)⣢ (braille pattern dots-2678)⣖ (braille pattern dots-23578)⣶ (braille pattern dots-235678)⣦ (braille pattern dots-23678)⣔ (braille pattern dots-3578)⣴ (braille pattern dots-35678)
Group 6 ⠄ (braille pattern dots-3)⠌ (braille pattern dots-34)⠜ (braille pattern dots-345)⠤ (braille pattern dots-36)⠬ (braille pattern dots-346)⠼ (braille pattern dots-3456) Group 6 + cell 7 ⡄ (braille pattern dots-37)⡌ (braille pattern dots-347)⡜ (braille pattern dots-3457)⡤ (braille pattern dots-367)⡬ (braille pattern dots-3467)⡼ (braille pattern dots-34567)
Group 6 + cell 8 ⢄ (braille pattern dots-38)⢌ (braille pattern dots-348)⢜ (braille pattern dots-3458)⢤ (braille pattern dots-368)⢬ (braille pattern dots-3468)⢼ (braille pattern dots-34568) Group 6 + cells 7&8 ⣄ (braille pattern dots-378)⣌ (braille pattern dots-3478)⣜ (braille pattern dots-34578)⣤ (braille pattern dots-3678)⣬ (braille pattern dots-34678)⣼ (braille pattern dots-345678)
Group 7 ⠈ (braille pattern dots-4)⠐ (braille pattern dots-5)⠘ (braille pattern dots-45)⠠ (braille pattern dots-6)⠨ (braille pattern dots-46)⠰ (braille pattern dots-56)⠸ (braille pattern dots-456)⠀ (braille pattern blank) Group 7 + cell 7 ⡈ (braille pattern dots-47)⡐ (braille pattern dots-57)⡘ (braille pattern dots-457)⡠ (braille pattern dots-67)⡨ (braille pattern dots-467)⡰ (braille pattern dots-567)⡸ (braille pattern dots-4567)⡀ (braille pattern dots-7)
Group 7 + cell 8 ⢈ (braille pattern dots-48)⢐ (braille pattern dots-58)⢘ (braille pattern dots-458)⢠ (braille pattern dots-68)⢨ (braille pattern dots-468)⢰ (braille pattern dots-568)⢸ (braille pattern dots-4568)⢀ (braille pattern dots-8) Group 7 + cells 7&8 ⣈ (braille pattern dots-478)⣐ (braille pattern dots-578)⣘ (braille pattern dots-4578)⣠ (braille pattern dots-678)⣨ (braille pattern dots-4678)⣰ (braille pattern dots-5678)⣸ (braille pattern dots-45678)⣀ (braille pattern dots-78)
Error Error using {{Braille cell}}: input "9" not supported.

Text type[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

Group 1 Group 1 + cell 7
Group 1 + cell 8 Group 1 + cells 7&8
Group 2 Group 2 + cell 7
Group 2 + cell 8 Group 2 + cells 7&8
Group 3 Group 3 + cell 7
Group 3 + cell 8 Group 3 + cells 7&8
Group 4 Group 4 + cell 7
Group 4 + cell 8 Group 4 + cells 7&8
Group 5 Group 5 + cell 7
Group 5 + cell 8 Group 5 + cells 7&8
Group 6 Group 6 + cell 7
Group 6 + cell 8 Group 6 + cells 7&8
Group 7 Group 7 + cell 7
Group 7 + cell 8 Group 7 + cells 7&8
Error Error using {{Braille cell}}: input "9" not supported.

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