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This template allows you to navigate through sequentially-numbered archive pages.


It does not require any parameters; just place {{atn}} near the top of each archive for a particular page. It will create a navigation bar to facilitate movement among them, back to the page itself and to the current talk page. It will also work out which archive has the highest number (i.e. the most recent) and allow you to skip directly to that one.

In order for this template to work, the archives must be named "Archive 1", "Archive 2" and so on (capital "A", with a space before the number). If they are not, move them to the appropriate names first; see Help:Moving a page for information.

However, if you wish to use the old version, which was a box, simply add |old to the template, such as {{atn|old}}

The old version is now also customizable, here are the parameters for customization:


Simply tack any of these onto {{atn}} and they will come into affect, such as {{atn|old|text-color2=E32636}}. Descriptions of each field can be found below, as well as how to use them.

  • border: If you want a border, simply use yes for this field, otherwise, leave it blank, or put no.
    • border-shape: The shape of the border. If this field is left blank, it is left at solid, otherwise you can put things here like thin.
    • border-size: The precise thickness of one of the inner borders, mainly the line separating the link back to the main talk page from the links to the different archive pages. Make sure you put px after the number you want, so say, if you wanted the border to be 10px, you would put |border-size=10px .
    • border-color: Pretty self-explanatory, the color of the first border around the entire box. Note that it can either be the color name, such as red, or one of the colors listed at List of colors with the color hex triplet, such as E32636. Also note that when you input the hex triplet color code, do not include the # sign, as it is already present in the template.
    • border-color2: Roughly the same as above, except now it is the color of the line that separates the main talk page link from the archive links.
  • background: The background for the text that links to the main talk page. As with the other params above that use colors, the same applies.
    • background2: The same as applies above, except now it is for the background for the text linking to the archives.
  • text-color: The color for the text linking to the main talk page. Same things as above apply.
    • text-color2: Same as above, but for the text that links to the archives. Same rules above apply.

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