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This template is being used in the wrong namespace. To nominate this talk page for deletion, go to Miscellany for deletion.

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This template will categorise articles into Category:Articles for deletion. This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopedic content.

This template should always be substituted onto pages it appears on, because it requires that the {{PAGENAME}} variable be substituted. (This is so that the link to the AFD discussion does not break when the page is renamed during AFD discussions.) If the template is not substituted, a warning message is shown instead.

This template results in 3 lines of wikitext that make use of {{AfDM}}. This template is intended for renominating articles that have already been nominated for deletion before. For nominating articles for the first time, use the {{afd}} template instead.


For Wikipedia:Proposed deletion use {{Prod}}. WP:PROD takes load off WP:AFD and should always be used instead if reasonable.


This template will place a notice that the page has been nominated for deletion. It should be placed at the top of the page and substituted.

Equivalent results can also be achieved using the normal {{afd}} template, at the cost of some extra typing. Specifically, the three examples above produce the exact same results as:

{{subst:afd|PAGENAME (2nd nomination)}}
{{subst:afd|PAGENAME (3rd nomination)}}
{{subst:afd|PAGENAME (4th nomination)}}

Where PAGENAME is the title of the page the template is being placed on.

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