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This template acts like {{other people}}, but includes an extra parameter that describes the subject of the article.


The first parameter is non-optional; omitting it produces an error message, and a maintenance category that can be suppressed by supplying a category parameter with a falsy value. For example:

  • {{about-otherpeople|category=false}}Error: no page subject specified (help).

The second parameter defines the ambiguous name, changing the "other people" text to include it and improving the default disambiguation page:

  • {{about-otherpeople|an example person}}
  • {{about-otherpeople|an example person|Jane Doe}}

As with {{other people}}, the message produced when the second parameter is defined can be customized using the named parameter. For example, named=titled can be useful:

  • {{about-otherpeople|some "Lord Byron" or other|Lord Byron|Baron Byron|named=titled}}

The third and any further parameters define custom targets for the hatnote:

  • {{about-otherpeople|ABOUT|NAME|PAGE1}}
  • {{about-otherpeople|ABOUT||PAGE1|PAGE2|PAGE3}

Produces a disambiguation message to aid readers distinguish between articles on people with the same or similar name, prefixed with a message clarifying the subject of the article.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Page subject1

A descriptor for the page subject


Sets the name to be disambiguated

Target page 13

The name of a page to which the disambiguation message should point

Page namesuggested
Target page 24

The name of an additional target page

Page nameoptional
Target page 35

The name of an additional target page

Page nameoptional