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Members of this project

This is a list of people who are affiliated with the Huggle project, people who are on this page will be also shown in about dialog.

Name Function
w:en:User:123Hedgehog456 developer, testwiki bureacrat
w:en:User:addshore developer, admin of 2x and 3x repo, irc contact, project lead
w:en:User:Joe_Gazz84 testwiki sysadmin
w:en:User:Petrb developer, maintaner of 2x repo, admin of 3x repo, irc contact, testwiki sysadmin, project lead
User:Pilif12p developer
w:en:User:Matthewrbowker documentation maintenance
User:Logan helper, testwiki sysop
w:en:User:TheHelpfulOne helper, testwiki bureaucrat
w:en:User:Kingpin13 helper
User:Odisha1 helper