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Unfortunately writing an article about yourself (or someone or something very close to you; see the related page on advertising) involves a conflict of interest. This presents a number of problems, not the smallest of which is that it is very hard to remain neutral. Pages that introduce a conflict of interest are not being accepted by the Article Wizard at this time.

We encourage you to read Wikipedia:Conflict of interest and Wikipedia:Autobiography. If the subject matter really merits an entry, then sooner or later someone will create one. Therefore we would encourage you not to create the article yourself. If you are determined to propose one, please find another Wikipedia editor to help write it.

Did you know?

The vast majority of articles created by people about themselves or their friends are speedy deleted within minutes. Please don't contribute to this workload unnecessarily.
You could post at Wikipedia:Requested articles
You could create a Wikipedia account and post brief information and sources on your user page
You could look for other ways to contribute to Wikipedia

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