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Presentation on the Odia Education Program at IIMC, Dhenkanal

Indian Institute of Mass Communication is one of the six IIMCs of India and a pioneer in the field of Mass Communication. The college is home to 83 students across India. Students enroll for a one year diploma program for Journalism and Mass communication in Odia and English. Subhashish Panigrahi, Odia wikipedian and Programme Officer, Access To Knowledge, Centre for Internet and Society and other Odia Wikipedians Mrutyunjaya Kar, Manoranjan Mallick, Srikant Kedia and Kamalakanta Nayak met Professor Mrinal Chaterjee along with teaching associates Sucharita and Bhagaban Sahu to discuss possibility of rolling out an education program at IIMC.. To evaluate and assess interest of students a workshop was organized. After the workshop based on the inputs from students and faculty decision for rolling out an education program was taken. This program will be for the span of 4 months (i.e. November, December, January and February) with a small break during December for semester exams. It will be closed by February before the commencement of final examinations.

  • Creation of project page on Odia Wikipedia
  • Students will list articles from their syllabus and teaching assistants will access and finalize the list
  • A workshop will be organized to teach detailed wikipedia editing on 26th/27th/29th and final project page with list of students, coordinators and list of articles will be made public
  • Students will be given some time to select their own topics so they can finalize who will edit which articles after the end of their exam.
  • A warm-up session will be organized after the end of exam just to discuss what would be done
  • There wouldn't be much task for the students in December as students will be busy for exam.
  • After exams are over they will start writing the articles as sandbox articles (Sandbox is a place for experiment so only the users who create them will edit them, others can view them but none will edit or make any changes to those articles) and get them corrected by the teaching assistants.
  • A session will be organized in the presence of teaching assistants and experienced wikipedians (to be called Campus ambassadors hereafter) where the articles will be moved from Sandbox on Odia Wikipedia by individual students so their contribution will be from their own usernames.
  • Once the new articles are created/major contributions made on some articles (If the chosen article is an existing article on Odia Wikipedia) experienced wikipedians will make minor edits like fixing alignment/template or minor technical issues.

February (Closure of the project)

  • Final changes to the articles will be made and they will be protected from editing temporarily.

Evaluation Process

  • Teaching assistants, experienced wikipedians and any other resource persons (If the college decides to invite any of their visiting professors to invite to the evaluation panel) will evaluate individual articles and this will be made public on the project page.

Project closure

  • A celebratory function will be hosted and the students will be awarded for their contribution for this project with certificates and other wikipedia swags
  • Press release about the project will be made to the world about the voluntary contribution of students to their language

This project will be largely supported in terms of on-wiki and on-ground support by Odia Wiki Club, Nalconagar, a voluntary club based in Nalconagar. The members from Wiki Club Nalconagar and Srikant and Kamalakanta from Cuttack Odia Wikipedia Community supported for the first session. The second session to be held by the end of this month.