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My association, and what i've received!

  • In 2011, i was given a Blue Wikipedia globe T-shirt by Parul Vora, the then Wikimedia consultant. She had come to interview Subhashish Panigrahi, and I was a roomie, so thanks to him and whoever else is behind that.
  • Again in 2011, during Wikimedia India conference, my stupid self sought a T-shirt designed for the same conference attendee, but with the help of then Roomie Subhashish and benefaction of Ashwin Baindur, I had received a same Blue Wikipedia globe T-shirt through Shyamal. So Thanks to Ashwin and Shyamal and Subhashish. I'm thankful for how and from whom i got it :P ;)
  • In December 2012, I was in Bhubaneswar. I had dinner with Wikipedians once which was paid through A2K fund i think, then shared the already booked hotel room by Subhashish that night. Then the next day breakfast, lunch with few Wikipedians and return journey BBS to BLS was burnt by A2K.
  • In 2013, when I was in CISA2K office I got 2 T-shirts by Subhashish, one I was supposed to hand over to Mrutyunjaya Kar, but haven't yet got the chance, delivered.
  • For the Odisha Day event, i got the amount for the travel expenses and the event T-shirt. Had accommodation and Food. And got a book "Odisha Itihasa" published by Ama Odisha. i have no idea when i can finish reading, so anyone needs it just let me know. Thanks everyone, enjoyed your company! :-)

And some brochures, books, stickers, badges etc. in various occasions i don't remember in particular.

If you wanna know more exact details, please ask at my talk page.

Apart from these, i haven't claimed or received any financial aid or any such kind. I will update this page once a while. Thanks for reading ;)