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ସଠିକ ଆଇଏସବିଏନ ଛାଞ୍ଚ ବ୍ୟବହାର
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ଟିକେ (ସଠିକ ଆଇଏସବିଏନ ଛାଞ୍ଚ ବ୍ୟବହାର)
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;Popular reading
* Atkins, P.W. ''Galileo's Finger'' ([[Oxford University Press]]) {{ISBN |0-19-860941-8}}
* Atkins, P.W. ''Atkins' Molecules'' (Cambridge University Press) {{ISBN |0-521-82397-8}}
* Kean, Sam. ''The Disappearing Spoon - and other true tales from the Periodic Table ''(Black Swan) London, 2010 {{ISBN |978-0-552-77750-6}}
* [[Primo Levi|Levi, Primo]] ''The Periodic Table'' (Penguin Books) [1975] translated from the Italian by Raymond Rosenthal (1984) {{ISBN |978-0-14-139944-7}}
* Stwertka, A. ''A Guide to the Elements'' (Oxford University Press) {{ISBN |0-19-515027-9}}
;Introductory undergraduate text books
* Atkins, P.W., Overton, T., Rourke, J., Weller, M. and Armstrong, F. ''Shriver and Atkins inorganic chemistry'' (4th edition) 2006 (Oxford University Press) {{ISBN |0-19-926463-5}}
* Chang, Raymond. ''Chemistry'' 6th ed. Boston: James M. Smith, 1998. {{ISBN |0-07-115221-0}}.
* {{Clayden}}
* Voet and Voet ''Biochemistry'' (Wiley) {{ISBN |0-471-58651-X}}
;Advanced undergraduate-level or graduate text books
* Atkins, P.W. ''Physical Chemistry'' (Oxford University Press) {{ISBN |0-19-879285-9}}
* Atkins, P.W. et al. ''Molecular Quantum Mechanics'' (Oxford University Press)
* McWeeny, R. ''Coulson's Valence'' (Oxford Science Publications) {{ISBN |0-19-855144-4}}
* Pauling, L. ''The Nature of the chemical bond'' (Cornell University Press) {{ISBN |0-8014-0333-2}}
* Pauling, L., and Wilson, E. B. ''Introduction to Quantum Mechanics with Applications to Chemistry'' (Dover Publications) {{ISBN |0-486-64871-0}}
* Smart and Moore ''Solid State Chemistry: An Introduction'' (Chapman and Hall) {{ISBN |0-412-40040-5}}
* Stephenson, G. ''Mathematical Methods for Science Students'' (Longman) {{ISBN |0-582-44416-0}}

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