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== Wikidata description editing in the Wikipedia Android app ==
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[[:mw:Wikimedia_Apps/Short_descriptions|Wikidata description editing]] is a new experiment being rolled out on the Wikipedia app for Android. While this primarily impacts Wikidata, the changes are also addressing a concern about the mobile versions of Wikipedia, so that mobile users will be able to edit directly the descriptions shown under the title of the page and in the search results.
We began by rolling out this feature several weeks ago to a pilot group of Wikipedias (Russian, Hebrew, and Catalan), and have seen very positive [[:mw:Wikimedia_Apps/Short_descriptions/Research|results]] including numerous quality contributions in the form of new and updated descriptions, and a low rate of vandalism.
We are now ready for the next phase of rolling out this feature, which is to enable it in a few days for all Wikipedias except the top ten by usage within the app (i.e. except English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, and Chinese). We will enable the feature for those languages instead at some point in the future, as we closely monitor user engagement with our expanded set of pilot communities.
As always, if have any concerns, please reach out to us on wiki at [[:mw:Talk:Wikimedia_Apps/Short_descriptions|the talk page for this project]] or by email at reading@wikimedia.org. Thanks!
-[[:mw:User:DBrant (WMF)|DBrant (WMF)]] ୧୪:୧୧, ୧୪ ଅପ୍ରେଲ ୨୦୧୭ (IST)
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