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It adds the pages to Category:Userspace drafts or a dated subcategory thereof, unless the parameter source=ArticleWizard is used, in which case it's Category:Userspace drafts created via the Article Wizard or a dated subcategory thereof.

If the page is in article mainspace it shows {{New unreviewed article}}, and in all other namespaces it adds the category Category:Misplaced userspace drafts.

This template is added automatically to userspace drafts created via the Wikipedia:Article wizard 2.0 (the discussion page is at WT:WIZ2).

Note: This template automatically includes __NOINDEX__.


To use, add {{Userspace draft|date=ମଇ ୨୦୨୧}} to the very top of a draft article in userspace (not its talk page).

This template should only be used in userspace. To denote articles in the mainspace that are undergoing major edits, use {{Inuse}}.

Optional parameters[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

  • |last=yes will give the last updated date, via an embedded {{Last updated}} (Note: Application of this template to the page, not just the last content edit, will also qualify.)

Found in mainspace?[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

If the template appears on a page in mainspace, check that the content is appropriate there, if so remove the tag. Possible reasons for being tagged in mainspace:

  • Moved correctly from userspace
  • Moved incorrectly from userspace
  • Tagged incorrectly
  • Tagged prior to Userfication (strictly speaking incorrectly).


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