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Expected code input: {{{1}}}=an ISO 15924 code ("Latn" in alpha-4 OR its numeric code)

Default output, in case the input is not found in the list, is blank (no text). It can be set different:


  • Alias names as of 2017-06-23, aligned with Unicode version 10.0.

[୧] and [୨]

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General information on ISO 15924 templates[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]


Overview of ISO 15924 templates
Item Publisher Details Example Definition in template Usage in page Notes
Code ISO 15924 Alpha-4 Arab {{ISO 15924 code}} {{ISO 15924/footer}}, /doc
Number ISO 15924 Range 000–999 234 {{ISO 15924 number}}
Name ISO 15924 Descriptive name {{ISO 15924 name}}
ISO name can differ from
Unicode (alias) name
Alias1 ISO 159242 Script name as used in Unicode Arabic {{ISO 15924 alias}}
Script direction Unicode
Can vary per character, but all Unicode
scripts (so far) have a single main direction
rtl {{ISO 15924 direction}}
WP-name en:Wikipedia WP content page name for the script Arabic script {{ISO 15924/wp-name}}
WP-category en:Wikipedia WP category name for the script Arabic script {{ISO 15924/wp-category}} Category:Arabic script
Userbox en:Wikipedia Userbox demonstrating knowledge of a script {{User iso15924}} User boxes
Script example
en:Wikipedia Example character in userboxes ع {{ISO 15924/script-example-character}}   User boxes e.g. Category:User Arab
Overview & relation
ISO – Unicode
en:Wikipedia {{ISO 15924 script codes and related Unicode data}}
Redirect en:Wikipedia Redirect template {{R from ISO 15924 code}} Redirects
Overview en:Wikipedia Overview for templates check {{ISO 15924/overview}}
Subpages en:Wikipedia list Special:PrefixIndex/Template:ISO_15924
  • 1 Property Value Alias.
  • 2 The alias name is decided by the Unicode Consortium, and is also included in the ISO 15924 data tables.

ISO updates[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

The ISO 15924 list of script codes is updated regularly, usually at least once a year. The current list is complete as of 21 ନଭେମ୍ବର 2017, and defines 197 codes (code, number, script name).

Note: when resolving red links or wrong links, edit {{ISO 15924/wp-name}} or {{ISO 15924/wp-category}}. That is where the connection between ISO code and Wikipedia names is made.


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