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Adapted from Template:IPvandal for use with IP accounts not involving vandalism -- mostly working with WikiProject Spam. Since so much inappropriate linking is done in good faith and therefore not necessarily spamming, the template is not incorporating a pejorative name such as vandal or spam. Several changes:

  • Deleted the "block user" function (admins only)
    "deleted contribs" added later for any admins that want to check this
  • Added a "traceroute" link
  • Added CompleteWhois search (searches external blacklists such as Spamhaus)
    Sometimes doesn't respond
    Results sometimes require interpretation -- for instance, dynamic IPs are not open proxies, zombie PCs, or some other evil; all phone modems and many other connections use dynamic IPs
  • Added ippages.com -- similar to CompleteWhois, also requires interpretation
  • Added robtex.com -- similar to CompleteWhois, also requires interpretation
    Sometimes doesn't respond
  •   (became too small)
  • Added in "tor"
  • Added in Google search from Template:Proxyip2
  • Added "what links to user page"
  • Added "count" - Interiot's edit count tool from Template:User6
  • "user page logs" - block log, etc.
  • "x-wiki" - search contributions on all 700+ Wikimedia Foundation projects
    Uses https://tools.wmflabs.org/guc/index.php
  • AboutUs link checks for any contributions by this IP to the AboutUs.org SEO directory of domains; if so, this can be useful in finding additional domains that may have been spammed


  • Add link to the tester on the open proxy project on Wikipedia
  • Readd block user link

Userspace link templates

User information templates provide informational links for a user; they are similar to signatures, but often provide additional information, and may be used by other users. List:

Demo user is User:Example