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This template is intended to address questions by users that, based on the nature of their question, either do not understand the nature of the project or somehow mistakenly believe they are at the official website of a topic they have read about here, e.g., complaining about our customer service department, asking what time the bus tour starts, and so on.

This help desk post provides the classic example of the type of question {{Astray}} is geared to address.

Please note that this template should not be used simply because someone has asked a knowledge question. Such users should be instead directed to the reference desk, either by a tailored message or using {{RD1}}, {{RD2}} or {{RD3}}.


  • This template should always be substituted by prefixing "subst:" inside the template code. Thus use {{subst:Astray}} rather than {{Astray}}.
  • You can indent the template, by typing :{{subst:Astray}}.
  • The template does not include automatic signing. Please remember to sign by typing four tildes (~) after the template syntax.